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Ceramic tile is a unique product․․․

KERAMA MARAZZI is one of the largest companies in Armenia that is specialized in importing and selling various kinds of construction materials, such as ceramic tiles, porcelain gres, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture and other accessories. Kerama Marazzi each new collection is a unique journey around the world. And this year the source of inspiration for the new collection is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, the center of world fashion - Milan.
Exploring Milan with Kerama Marazzi is a real pleasure․ The new collection of Kerama Marazzi "MILANO" is not just a display of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and mosaics, but a whole story told through ceramics.

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  • Actual design
  • Eternal history
  • Fashion in everything
  • Art that knows no time

The image of Milan in all its manifestations is reflected in ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles․ With great taste, full of Milan. A collection that combines everything that we know and love in Milan․

  • Striking majolica
  • Bold shapes
  • Moresque ornaments
  • Expressive combinations

The source of inspiration for the collection Spanish Fiesta was journey to Spain, to places where many of today’s well-known ceramic traditions were born.


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Kerama Marazzi presents new collection ''Dreams of Paris''

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At KERAMA MARAZZI showroom our experienced specialists will help you make the right choice, you will be offered the best design solutions and the best conditions for making purchases also on credit. And the delivery of the purchased products will be carried out in the shortest period of time and free of charge.

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