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    Recommendations for buying ceramic tiles and porcelain
    Ceramic floor tiles and porcelain tiles have gauges.
    To facilitate the installation (including different products) recommend the use of products of one caliber. Calibre is indicated on the packaging.

    The actual size of the cutter ceramic granite differs from the nominal to the lower side. This catalog presents the nominal size.


    Individual batches of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles may vary slightly in color. Note the designation of the colors to recommend to purchase the products of one tone.

    The curvature of the front surface (the difference from the ideal plane) - an inherent property of the ceramic tiles. Small positive (bulge) or negative (concave) curves are not married. Regulatory documents introduced by the curvature of the tolerances face in which sorts the product manufacturer.

    Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles - durable surfacing material, but it must be protected from impact loads. Package with ceramic tiles and ceramic granite are marked "Fragile. Carefully. "

    Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure proper storage and transportation of products. If water (e.g., precipitation), strength of the packaging material is reduced, which may lead to disruption and damage the integrity of the packaging products. Package with ceramic tiles and ceramic granite are labeled "Keep dry".

    Caring for ceramic tiles with a matte glaze.

    How to glue a decorative element in the collections "Odeon" and "Cameo"

    Areas of application and installation of ceramic granite. CERAMIC GRANITE from the front to the terrace
    Features laying mosaic coverage
    Caring for ceramic granite has a number of features.
    After laying as soon as possible to clean surfaces: Protect her weak acid solution, pre-moistened with water mezhplitochny seams. After 15 minutes the entire surface of clean rinse water. When using cleaning products that contain concentrated acids should avoid getting cleaner on mezhplitochny seam. Polished porcelain tiles require more careful attention during installation and careful maintenance. During polishing the surface of open micropores. Contact with micropores oils or coloring agents may lead to off stubborn stains.

    It is important to:

     - Avoid contact of the adhesive on the front surface, in contact immediately remove with a clean damp cloth;

     - Do not use abrasive cleaners to prevent scratching;

     - Before entering the room, the floor of which is paved with polished ceramic granite, place a mat for cleaning shoes;

     - To limit the use of polished porcelain tiles in the areas of food intake and places where you plan to use dyes and oils and other fluids (because of the increased risk caused by the high-slip material);

     - After laying surface treated with special means for preventing the penetration of oils, fats and colorants into the micropores on the face;

     - Before using any cleaning agents and chemical compounds, as well as grout for joints is recommended to conduct a preliminary test on inconspicuous area of ​​ceramic granite in order to avoid receiving an unexpected feedback on wall tiles.

    Care products and decorative tiles with a metallic surface.
    Decorative items made with the use of gold, platinum, dyes based on metal as well as ceramic and porcelain tile with decorative metallic surfaces require careful maintenance.

    To remove dirt recommended a mild soap solution, neutral non-abrasive detergent, nonabrasive household products for enamelware. After the treatment, the surface should be rinsed with clean water. Treatment is carried out with a soft cloth or soft sponge.

    Do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive materials! Do not use products that contain acid! Before application of detergents and cleaning agents is recommended to check their effect on inconspicuous area of ​​ceramic coating.

    Means to protect the polished porcelain tiles
    Porcelain tiles - durable and fairly resistant to any material impact. However, like any other cover, it needs careful treatment and care. This is especially true of polished porcelain tiles. During the manufacturing process, after polishing, remain on the surface of micropores in which over time can become clogged with dirt. Spilled tea, coffee or oil, accidentally dropped by a marker sometimes leave stains on the tile that is difficult and sometimes impossible to get rid of. Ordinary household cleaners can not cope with them, scrubbing brushes and potent compounds with abrasives can damage the surface and acidic solutions - to destroy mezhplitochny seams or change their color. Help solve the problem of modern professional means by which it is recommended to treat the surface immediately after installation. Company Almir tests conducted with various liquids that are often used in everyday life, and recommends to protect the polished porcelain tiles means two manufacturers - BELLINZONI (Italy) and AKEMI (Germany).

    Almir company (Russia) delivers the technology tools, equipment and chemicals for stone and construction industry. In the Russian market since 2002.

    AKEMI. Sein repellent Nano-Effect - ready to use impregnation stain resistant with Nano on the basis of high-quality organic active substances. Tool provides a polished surface of the oil-grease repellent properties and the effect of anti-graffiti, reduces the absorption of moisture and dirt in wet weather, protects a surface from various contaminants for a long time. After full cure drug is safe in contact with food. It is used to protect the jobs of kitchen, window sills, countertops, bathrooms, showers, facades of buildings.

    Idea HP (Bellinzoni) - colorless impregnation, penetrating deeply into the structure of tile and does not alter its color. It protects the surface from absorbing water, oils and various impurities. Does not create a surface film prevents mold. Can be used for exterior and interior applications.