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    At Kerama Marazzi we are committed to customer service - "Quality Products, Excellent Service, Competitive Prices, In-house skilled manpower...In our showrooms we offer free of charge computer design service. With the latest technology from Virtual World we can create photorealistic images of your

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    Speed of life grows, people have less time for their personal life. Shopping becomes burdening duty. And in the mess of our common life it becomes obvious that for some spheres of business the delivery service is an integral part of effective activity.

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    Sales on credit

    Kerama Marazzi offers the best conditions of sales on credit of the financial world. Now at Kerama Marazzi trade-halls there is a sales on credit service RIGHT ON THE SPOT - at a 8.33% prepayment and 0% annual percentage. Credit sales is carried out via “INECOBANK” and "VTB ARMENIA" bank, with the term up to 4 years.

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    Do you wish to make a vibrant change and create that comfortable, warm, inviting atmosphere in your house you've been dreaming of ? ''Caparol'' gives you that unique opportunity to make your most creative, amazing ideas a reality with the help of the colors that

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