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    In 2003 Keramag turned 100 years old. 2003 means not only a round date for Keramag but also 100 years of experience in the ceramic industry. Making pottery is an extremely complex process: the ceramic composed of different natural ingredients and the ratio in the mixture should be very precise. During production, this material exhibits properties of an inhomogeneous and often require manual refinement. However, the company's long year experience in the manufacture of ceramics and high quality materials ensure that the manufactured product will serve and bring you joy for many many years.

    Keramag produces ceramic products since 1903. Now the main direction of production is sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. Sinks, toilets and bathroom furniture united in collections. Each collection is made with a unique design. Particular emphasis the company makes on design projects: the serie 500 by famous designer Antonio Citterio, the collection under the label Joop! and the F1 serie created jointly with the design studio Porshe.

    Lush, emotional, and somewhat unexpected style Keramag offers in it’s collection Joop!. Classical bathroom for life and comfort? Or a refined boudoir for a young lady? The choice is limited only by your imagination. After all, with Keramag Joop! it is possible everything.