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    New series of porcelain gres by KERAMA MARAZZI

    KERAMA MARAZZI porcelain gres is a modern and functional finishing material which is valued both by professional designers and by regular consumers. It is distinct in its high strength and attractive appearance.

    The new series of porcelain gres by KERAMA MARAZZI presented in February can considerably enhance the opportunities for decorating the interior.

    The pattern on the surface of the porcelain gres series “Triumph” is surprisingly similar to the appearance of natural stone. The glossy lappato surface attracts attention, as well as the four noble shades - beige, grey, dark grey and brown. All this ensures numerous opportunities for creating a luxurious interior. The porcelain gres series “Triumph” is the triumph of style!

    The “Legion” porcelain gres seems to be made for decorating spacious rooms. The elegance and chastity of the gamut of this series is supplemented by a peculiar texture which resembles natural stone by touch.

    The porcelain gres series “Legion” is successfully combined with the decorative inserts “Drift”, “Hurdle Race” and “Sonnet”.

    Another new product by KERAMA MARAZZI is the “Terrace” series which suggests the memories of the warm southern regions and the mountain slopes plunging to the sea. The highlight of this series is the elegant border and the insert: the dark grey background resembling stone depicts laconic floral patterns.