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    Recommendations for buying ceramic tiles and porcelain
    Ceramic floor tiles and porcelain tiles have gauges.
    To facilitate the installation (including different products) recommend the use of products of one caliber. Calibre is indicated on the packaging.

    The actual size of the cutter ceramic granite differs from the nominal to the lower side. This catalog presents the nominal size.


    Individual batches of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles may vary slightly in color. Note the designation of the colors to recommend to purchase the products of one tone.

    The curvature of the front surface (the difference from the ideal plane) - an inherent property of the ceramic tiles. Small positive (bulge) or negative (concave) curves are not married. Regulatory documents introduced by the curvature of the tolerances face in which sorts the product manufacturer.

    Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles - durable surfacing material, but it must be protected from impact loads. Package with ceramic tiles and ceramic granite are marked "Fragile. Carefully. "

    Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure proper storage and transportation of products. If water (e.g., precipitation), strength of the packaging material is reduced, which may lead to disruption and damage the integrity of the packaging products. Package with ceramic tiles and ceramic granite are labeled "Keep dry".

    Caring for ceramic tiles with a matte glaze.

    How to glue a decorative element in the collections "Odeon" and "Cameo"